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AS2047 Standard & custom-made for Australia's doors and Windows

AS2047 Standard & custom-made for Australia's doors and Windows

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Hwarrior, Australia, AS2047 standard

If factory want to export aluminum glass window doors and Windows, customers usually have required to provide the Australia national standard certification for doors and Windows AS2047 test , let us study what is the Australia AS2047 standard?

Australia's doors and Windows is a unified standard, the standard is for the material use of doors and Windows, and what material is used should meet the requirements of this standard and need to get the various performance requirements and test as below :

AS2047 mainly for the deflection of the window, control (operation), airtight, watertight and ultimate strength and other properties to the rules. For doors and Windows of testing, have special testing standards in Australia, AS4420, it has six standard, covering AS2047 all involved in the detection performance indicators. For doors and Windows of test sequence, the standard test include: positive pressure deflection testing; Negative pressure deflection testing; Operation control test; Positive pressure air tightness detection; Negative pressure air tightness detection; Water tightness test; Positive pressure air pressure resistance test; Negative pressure air pressure resistance test.

Through the above description, believes that can we are understanding AS2047 Australia standard window and doors a little bit more. Hwarrior latest design for aluminum glass window and doors system not only meet these test requirements, but also passed the 650 pa watertight performance test well, if you want to get further details about our products, warm welcome to our factory for a visit or inquiry.


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