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Hwarrior curtain wall engineering—team installation report from Latin American project site

Hwarrior curtain wall engineering—team installation report from Latin American project site

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On 23th July, reported from site, after design, deep fabrication, inspection, shipment and visa application process, the first container loaded with glass curtain wall

aluminum door and window of Hwarrior curtain wall engineering finally reached to site, a local five-star hotel project in Latin American, Meanwhile,

 the first team installation group members of Hwarrior curtain wall engineering arrived there as well.


With Hwarrior promise to client on product quality and installation quality service and under philosophy of "clients' project is Hwarrior's project",


Hwarrior curtain wall engineering team members carrying out kinds of preparation jobs without stopping as soon as they got off the plane to build a perfect facade 

decoration appearance for this local landmark building under Hwarrior professional services.


Thanks for your on-going concerning for installation progress for this cases, we will keep you updated.


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