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Aluminum Doors & Windows:
Type of Aluminum Doors & Windows
Sliding Door / Sliding Window ;Casement Door / Casement Window;Floor Spring Door / Top-hung Window;
Folding Door / Tilt and turn Window;Thermal break Aluminum Door & Window.
 Casement Window               Sliding Window                      Top Hung Window                 Tilt and Turn Window
           Thermal Break Aluminum Door&Window                        Aluminum Glass Partition

Main advantages of Aluminum Doors & Windows:
1. Various types of aluminum profile with surface treatment available: powder coated, anodized, electrophoresis,
PVDF, thermal break,  wooden grain, etc…
2. Various types of glass panel available: single glass, insulated, tempered, laminated, reflective, Low-E, enameled, etc…
3. Hardware fitting and sealing gasket endowed with ageing- resistant and corrosion-resistant property.
4. Superior performance of air-tightness, water-tightness. heat-insulating, energy saving, great capacity of wind pressure and deformation resisting.