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HCW70 series outward casement window

HCW70 series outward casement window provides an integrated and comprehensive solution for buildings, which adopt special seal design to solve unstable seal problem resulting from silicone injection, simple & convenient production and installation process help to deliver high price/performance ratios; This series product is suitable for residential/school/apartment project.

Features and performance introduction:
1.Water tightness performance: adopt workmanship of seal assembling process, multistep drainage design, equal pressure principle application, rain screen principle to improve overall water tightness
2.Wind load resistance performance: it can be enhance beam material according to the local actual wind pressure which could improve window overall intensity thus fundamentally improving the door wind load resistance performance; latch segment design enhances lock tightly for sash and frame, which also provide good strengthen support for door & window; Maximum three-lock point design could ensure the strength of side handle and guarantee good wind load resistance performance.
3.Air tightness: Two sealing structure can greatly improve the airtight performance by effectively preventing dirty air from entering the room
4.Sound insulation performance::Two sealing structure can bring good air tightness, excellent sound insulation effect can be achieved by using double layer insulated glass.

Performance of the whole system
Sound insulation performance: reach to 34.0dB(depends on glass configuration)
Air tightness: q1≤0.5(m3(m.h))
Water tightness: P≥700Pa
Wind load resistance performance: reach to 4000(Pa)

 Aluminum outward casement window HCW70----Aluminum outward casement window HCW70----Unitised & Double Glazed Glass Curtain Wall System Manufacturer Dubai
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