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Thermal Break Glass Doors & Windows System:

Thermal Break Glass Doors & Windows System is an integrity & high end system for door and window, it consists
of thermal break steel profile, glass panel and quality hardware..

Main advantages of Thermal Break Glass Doors & Windows System:
1. The elastic modules of steel is 3 times of aluminum alloy, higher strength thus smaller section settle profile can 
    support bigger glass  division and improve the permeability of glass;
2. Thermal conductivity for steel profile is about 1/3 of aluminum alloy and heat insulation for steel profile better than 
    aluminum and  energy saving effect will be better accordingly;
3. Steel profile expansion coefficient is closed to glass and concrete, temperature variation causing relative 
    deformation as same as main part and more advantage than aluminum alloy;
4. Available to apply to hotel, shopping mall, business center, villa, residential buildings, station, airport, bank,  
    exhibition, hospital, railway  station, etc…