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Fireproof Glass Doors & Windows System:

Fireproof Glass Doors & Windows System is an integrity & high end system for door and window, it consists
 of fireproof steel profile, fireproof glass panel and quality hardware..
Main advantages of  Fireproof Glass Doors & Windows System:
1. The fireproof system performance is system implementation of fire prevention not only fireproof material
    for profile and glass, but also   all kinds of the reasonable design and component coordination are the key
    factor to make sure fireproof;
2. Insulation fireproof system can provide different fireproof rating as : 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes to
    save necessary time for  rescue;
3. High anti-fire rating performance, best light transparency, beautiful profile structure, slender version face, can
    provide prefabricated  profile and parts under fireproof requirements ;
4. Available to apply to hotel, shopping mall, business center, villa, residential buildings, station, airport, bank,
    exhibition, etc….
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