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Bulletproof Glass Doors & Windows System:

Bulletproof Glass Doors & Windows System is an integrity & high end system for door and window, it
consists of bulletproof steel profile, bulletproof glass panel and quality hardware.
Main advantages of  Bulletproof Glass Doors & Windows System:
1. The system of prevent violence intrusion, guard against theft, bulletproof meet different requirement
    of corresponding security;
2. Security concept and system implementation of every detail design and workmanship to meet national
     testing standards of different types of gun;
3. Good bearing capacity for the heavy security door and window, applying steel profiles of thermal
     insulation and multilayer laminated glass thus realizing heat insulation and environmental protection,
     UV protection, etc…;
4. Available to apply to high-end villa, bank, jewelry, postal service, exhibition hall, embassies ,police and
    military security and other occasions which has high security requirements.