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Steel Profile Curtain Wall System:

Steel Profile Curtain Wall System is an integrity & high end system for curtain wall, it consists of steel profile,
glass panel and quality hardware.The elasticity modulus of steel is 3 times than aluminum profile thus making
the profile under more glass weight and greater external impact force.
Main advantages of  Steel Profile Curtain Wall System:
1.    Creative profile structure satisfies the rigid requirements of building and meet demands of energy efficiency,
       comparing with other  profile, it can meet stronger supporting requirement with small profile section;
2.    Makes greatest degree of crystal and fashion of design idea, simple structure but great appearance;
3.    System designs a good drainage function and deformation of wind load resistance, water leakage and plane
       deformation resistance;
4.    Available to apply to hotel, shopping mall, business center, villa, residential buildings, station, airport, bank,
       exhibition, etc…