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Semi-hidden Frame Curtain Wall:

Semi-hidden Frame Curtain Wall
The Semi-hidden frame Curtain Wall is one of kinds of Stick Glass Curtain Wall. It is a system that frame members
including mullions transoms and glass panels and accessories combination supported curtain wall and only some
of horizontal or vertical components of frame are visible on exterior façade.
Main advantages  of  Semi-hidden Frame Curtain Wall:
1. Widely applied for most of buildings owning to its flexible construction methods and mature technique.
2. Well guaranteed for structural sealant performance on good water tightness, air tightness, good thermal insulation,
acoustic insulation owning to each panel material processed in the factory.
3.Installation on site is needed but flexible installation sequence towards main structure construction owning to strong
adaptability system  and with high plane deformation and seismic performance , embedded bracket systems can
realize three-dimensional adjustment in all  directions thus easy to replace, repair and maintain.