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A Steel Structure Manufacturer You Can Rely On

A convenient solution for any business. Hwarrior is a leading provider of large and small span steel structures for all applications. Made from the same high-quality steel used in all of our projects, all materials involved are sourced from reputable suppliers in China that have been hand-selected by our company.

We only partner with fabricators who have a proven track record for quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness, which we pass on to you. Don’t compromise on quality or affordability – get the best of both by working with one of China’s favourite engineering firms. Ensure you’re working with the very best by contracting with Hwarrior.


Bolted and welded net rack steel structure designed and erected

The composition and design of your structure will depend on its intended lifespan, it’s dimensions and its application. Our company takes pride in our ability to cost-effectively and rapidly complete a diverse range of projects to the highest standards of quality, safety and precision. Our skilled designers can help find the perfect solution for you, meeting your needs exactly.

We are capable of providing both welded ball and bolted ball net rack designs. If you’re planning on erecting a short span structure, then the economical bolted ball construction is perfect for you. With its rapid erection time and dependable rigidity and integrity, it’s an ideal choice for smaller builds. Larger projects can take advantage of our expertise in welded ball construction.


Contact our truss and net rack steel structure manufacturers and designers today

Hwarrior are a leading firm in the design, construction and installation of aluminium and glass curtain walls and other steel structures. Utilising only the latest processes and techniques and equipped with a professional CNC processing centre, our factory in Foshan City has helped thousands of clients around the world get the support they need to finish their projects on time and under budget.

Contact our offices on +86-20-86256597 or send us a message via email at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with the information you need to make an informed choice for your project. 

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