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Hwarrior supplies stunning architectural systems in residential and commercial buildings. We are a state-level, engineering company that offers a wide range of products and services. Our product range includes stunning aluminium doorsthatwill add another dimension to your building. Sturdy yet flexible, they are an extremely practical and aesthetically appealing model. Whether you want aluminium sliding doors or bi-fold features, we can provide you the perfect opening into any space.

Aluminium doorsframes

Our aluminium doors offer the perfect balance between style and functionality. We design, construct and install a wide range of models to suit any application. Our collection includes more traditional options, as well as contemporary designs that will perfectly complement your interiors. We have hinged, bi-fold and sliding doors with glass infills. Our glass panels have varying opacities, tints and shades that allow for optimal light filtration. All of our aluminium products are prepared and assembled in-house at our factory in Foshan. Prior to production, they undergo a rigorous extrusion process and customized surface treatments like anodizing, electrophoresis and PVDF, powder coating

International suppliers

Based in Guangzhou, we deliver our products to contractors all over the world. Hwarrior is one of  global leaders in the industry, providing state-of-the art systems for competitive prices. Our reputation for excellence has seen us develop a solid international client base. We also offer professional curtain wall designs, production assembly and installation services in select areas.

Contact our engineering team

Whether you would like to install sliding,aluminium frame glass doors or a hidden curtain wall, Hwarrior can help you create stunning indoor and outdoor decoration. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +86-20-86256597 and speak to our team about how we can improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your building.


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