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A Premium Manufacturer of Glass & Unitized Curtain Wall Systems

As a service contractor, our professional designers, engineers provide fast, effective and innovative solutions. They custom-design aluminum frame and full glass curtain walls for a wide variety of applications. We provide onsite services and also build unitized systems in-house. Our selection of products offers major economic advantages for industrial projects.

Competitively priced customised glass curtain wall systems

Hwarrior provides customers with a choice of infill materials for their system. Our aluminum frame, full glass come in many different shades, tints, thicknesses and opacities. Our designs feature quality hardware and surface treatments. They come with a number of zinc alloy, stainless steel, glass silicone and glazing rubber accessories. With parts provided by reputable manufacturers in China, Switzerland and Germany, our glass systems boast quality makes and stunning features at an amazing price. Our engineers use CAD and PDF drawings to create spectacular designs that are aesthetically appealing and facilitate a comfortable indoor environment.

Manufacturers of high quality unitized curtain wall systems

Unlike stick and ladder systems, our unitized systems are prepared, assembled and glazed in-house. Retaining skilled manufacturers in-house allows completed units to be hung on pre-existing structures, immediately. Unitized systems has many economic benefits for large-scale industrial projects. They provide lower installation costs and field labor rates. They also have the advantage of speed and quality control in a warehouse environment.

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Here at Hwarrior, we strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction by providing our clients with a one-stop solution service at a great price that suits their application. To discuss the economic and aesthetic benefits of installing an aluminum frame, glass system in your building, please feel free to give our team a call today on +86-20-86256597. 

You can also send us a quick email on and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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