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China’s Finest Spider Glass & Exposed Frame Curtain Wall Manufacturer

Learn more about how we can support your next development. Hwarrior designs, produces and installs a wide range of systems to suit any industrial or residential project. Our different models offer a variety of infills, mullions and frames that will perfectly complement the architectural design of your building. Our team provides onsite services as well as constructing unitized systems in-house. From exposed frame and spider glass curtain walls systems to alucobond systems, we produce stunning designs that will dramatically improve the aesthetics and functionality of your structure.

Our curtain wall collection

Here at Hwarrior, we design, produce and install a wide range of systems throughout China and around the world. We provide small and large-scale industrial projects with the perfect structure to suit their needs. Our collection includes spider glass, alucobond, aluminum composite panel, stone, glass partition and exposed frame models. All of our infills come in a variety of tints, shades and opacities. Clients can also select panel thickness and choose between invisible or visible frames. Manufactured from durable, high quality products, all of our systems feature premium qualities.

System benefits

Our stunning units will provide you with a more comfortable working or living environment. They not only reinforce the structure of your building, but also provide greater light filtration, thermal control and prevent the spread of fire. All of our systems are designed to withstand harsh conditions and protect the building envelope. With a high coefficient of thermal expansion, our aluminum and alucobond models are especially resistant to fluctuations in weather. Therefore, they are the ideal option for difficult climates.

Make an enquiry with a curtain wall manufacturer you can rely on

Whatever design you have in mind, the Hwarrior team will provide you with a stunning solution to suit your structure. Call us today on +86-20-86256597 or send us an email on for customized solutions and competitive quotes.

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