Beuno-Hwarrior-Australia----Unitised & Double Glazed Glass Curtain Wall System Manufacturer Dubai
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Welcome to  Beuno-Hwarrior-Australia

Beuno-Hwarrior specialise in the Australian market, with the profound experiences of our key management

 who have more than 10 years working and knowledge in Australian projects. 


Our design and project team, factory production, and logistic team fulfilling

customer request with the service-oriented concept as well as strict quality control system.


Our Australian team strictly following Australian standard such as:

·         AS2047 Windows in buildings-Selection and installation

·         AS/NZS4284 Testing of building facades

·         AS1530.1 Methods for fire tests on building materials,

components and structural-Combustibility test of materials,

·         AS/NZS 1170.0 Structural Design Actions-General principles


 Beuno-Hwarrior-Australia----Beuno-Hwarrior-Australia----Unitised & Double Glazed Glass Curtain Wall System Manufacturer Dubai
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